Royal College Leo Club donate security hut for school checkpoint

The Leo Club of Royal College donated a security hut for the school checkpoint on 15th of July 2021.

This was much needed when visitors and children coming to school need to properly adhere the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines issued by the Government.

At this security checkpoint the temperature will be tested and the details of the visitors recorded.

Providing the hut will allow the security staff to carry out their duties safely and in a more controlled manner. Past Lions District Governor Lion Goonawardane, Assistant Principal Riyaz Aluher, Deputy Head Prefect Binuja Amaranayaka, Leo Club President Leo Yoshelle Marasinghe, Leo Club Director of Public Relations Leo Nafees Salley, Assistant Treasurer Gayan De Silva and other Lions and Leo dignitaries.

The LEO Club of Royal College was chartered a few months ago, Sponsored by the Lions Club of Colombo Midcity.