COCOnut introduces freshly grated coconut to the market

COCOnut, a small scale Sri Lankan startup recently unveiled its first product, ready-to-use freshly grated coconut considering the cooking needs of modern households. COCOnut’s freshly grated coconut comes in a handy 200g package.

From the point of procuring required coconuts to the point of delivering freshly grated coconut packages to consumers’ doorsteps, COCOnut ensures it follows thoughtful, environmentally friendly procedures. In a bid to support struggling businesses in these times of difficulty, COCOnut carefully purchases required fresh coconuts from small vendors. These coconuts are mechanically grated soon after they are cracked open. While grating, COCOnut ensures scraped coconut shells do not mix with the pure white grated coconut. Within ten minutes from being grated, COCOnut packs them in an environmentally-friendly packaging.

In terms of packaging, grated coconut is packed in a sealed kraft paper bag pouch which is again procured from housewives who make a living from handcrafts. The paper bag has laminated inner layers and they protect the moisture of grated coconut and keep them fresher for longer. To further ensure tight packaging, COCOnut uses heat sealing in all its packaging in addition to the ziplock which is already there. Within minutes, the sealed packages are directed into deep- freezers 0° F (-18° C).

Abiding by the safety measures, from the moment of cracking the coconut open to storing the packages in a freezer, the COCOnut team wears protective clothing including gloves, face masks and head caps.

COCOnut’s freshly grated coconut needless to say is  the best solution for consumers who prefer home-cooked meals yet have their hands tied with less time left to cook. COCOnut packages alleviates the need to spend time in a supermarket or on the road in selecting coconuts in good condition, crack them open and grate them the traditional way which consumes a considerable amount of time. With COCOnut’s freshly grated coconut, making a delicious curry or even authentic Sri Lankan “pol- sambole” has become more convenient. One can store COCOnut’s freshly grated coconut packages in their freezer for 30 days from the date of packaging and take them out about 10 minutes prior to cooking. In order to warm up the frozen grated coconut, a small amount of hot water can be added. After that, by adding the required amount of room-temperature water, coconut milk can be extracted from. After using the freshly grated coconut, it is easy to store back the remaining in the freezer as the bag comes with a zip lock.

The product is readily available for purchase on UberEats while COCOnut also delivers its freshly grated coconut packages within the Colombo city and its suburbs. The standard quantity of the product is 200g priced at Rs. 150/-, yet for hospitality sector, large scale food and beverage businesses and export related requirements, COCOnut customises its packaging in two more quantities which are 400g and 1kg, priced at Rs. 300/- and Rs. 750/-, respectively. Consumers can now order COCOnut’s product by contacting them via whatsapp +94773502547 | Ubereats or by visiting their Facebook page :