Wearing only face shield in public a violation of quarantine laws

Wearing only a face shield in public is a violation of the coronavirus quarantine laws, health officials said.

Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) Director Ranjith Batuwanthudawa said that it is mandatory to wear a face mask.

He also said that the face mask must be worn properly to ensure the coronavirus does not spread.

Batuwanthudawa said that a face shield is only worn as an additional protective measure.

“Wearing only a face shield and not a face mask does not protect you form the coronavirus,” he said.

As a result, Batuwanthudawa said that wearing only a face shield in public is a violation of the quarantine laws.

He also said that the public must continue to strictly follow the health guidelines despite a relaxation in the travel restrictions.

Batuwanthudawa said that taking precautions is important no matter what Covid variant is spreading in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


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