“The world needs to work together…..”

Healthcare is at the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic; facing professionals with enormous challenges and demanding the industry to adapt efficiently and effectively. It is during times like these that the world needs to work together, share their knowledge and experience so that we can learn and implement innovative medical and management strategies based on what is happening in other countries as this virus continues to evolve.

The United Kingdom was severely affected with the Alpha and subsequently the Delta variants, before they were identified in Sri Lanka. General Manager of English Nursing Sri Lanka, Ivanka Fonseka said, “Fiona Eccles, Director of Nursing at English Nursing Care Sri Lanka, who is based in the UK, was a critical resource point to ensure our clients were safe and proactive measures are in place so that appropriate infection control is maintained.”

The Sri Lankan and UK team connect online on a frequent basis to discuss and develop mitigation and contingency plans. Scheduling safe doctor’s appointments, ensuring patient’s subscriptions are filled with detail, nurse rotation and most of all – supporting the elderly through social isolation in a comfortable and smooth manner using innovative and customised action plans is crucial.

English Nursing Care Sri Lanka works towards improving your elder’s quality of life by implementing the most advanced and developed methodologies brought through years of experience both internationally and locally. Being responsible for the well-being of your loved ones is pivotal in the service they provide. For further information on English Nursing Care, visit their website www.englishnursing.com or call +94 11 4500117


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