Samsung Neo QLED 8K series: Elevate your home entertainment experience with cutting-edge technology

Staying home just got a whole lot better with Samsung’s latest collection of Neo QLED 8K televisions, which boasts revolutionary picture quality, design, sound and more for the ultimate all-in-one entertainment hub.

Top-Tier Tech

Just like watching a theatre performance or being at a music festival, great lighting is key to truly immersing in an entertainment experience. Available in 8K resolutions, Samsung’s new Neo QLED TVs allow you to simulate rich visual displays in the comfort of your own home. With the Neo QLED, Samsung’s latest display technology takes its range of television offerings to the next level. Thanks to its innovative tiny light source called Quantum Mini LED, which is about 1/40 the size of a standard LED, the new Samsung models are able to produce much crisper images than conventional LED displays.

This is coupled with the Quantum Matrix Technology, which allows for ultra-fine and precise control of the tightly packed mini LEDs, greatly reducing blooming and allows viewers to experience content as it is intended. Better light control renders the dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, meaning that the intricate details and subtleties of every scene in your favourite action-packed movie are amplified.

On top of that, Samsung’s patented Neo Quantum Processor harnesses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to enable Neural Network Up scaling, which optimizes picture quality to 8K picture output regardless of input quality – allowing better enjoyment of your favorite entertainment content.

The Neo QLED TV’s cutting-edge technologies were recognized at this year’s CES Innovation Awards, an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. Samsung’s 85-inch QN900A Neo QLED 8K was named one of the CES 2021 Best of Innovation award honorees. While a great achievement, this mark of honor is unsurprising, given that Samsung has held the number one spot in the global TV market for 15 consecutive years*. It is no mean feat in such a competitive space, but Samsung’s commitment to quality, design and sustainability in creating products that add value to consumers’ lives keep it at the top.

Slim and Seamless

Design-wise, Samsung does away with cables and clutter with one of its slimmest TVs yet. Only a single cable is needed to connect external devices to the TV.

On top of that, a brand-new cable management device called the Attachable Slim One Connect box** has been shaped such that it can be completely tucked away on the back of the Neo QLED 8K TV for a cleaner look.

Entertainment for All

Being multi-functional, a Samsung Neo QLED TV is a valuable addition to life in our “new normal”, where we spend much more time at home. For those working from home, the Smart TV comes built-in with Google Duo, which allows video chats on the TV so you can easily carry out meetings without switching devices.

Need to catch a break? The Neo QLED 8K TV is also great for gaming, and is the first TV to receive a certification for Gaming TV Performance from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), a well-regarded electrical engineering certification institute in Germany. This is thanks to advanced features like the Super Ultrawide GameView, increasing the field of vision with game-monitor-like 32:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios for a truly immersive experience. Gamers can relish 4K gaming at a silky-smooth 120 frames per second, a low response time, auto low latency mode that reduces lag and a variable refresh rate for great motion clarity.

Complementing stunning visuals is quality sound – Object Tracking Sound Pro*** technology ensures you can hear the action exactly where it’s happening. When the action moves on screen, the sound moves along with it for a truly immersive audio experience from all corners of the TV.

Never tire of the entertainment that the Neo QLED has to offer – top streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime and Apple TV are available, along with Bixby voice assistant, which can make show recommendations based on your preferences. Great for watching sporting tournaments, doing virtual workouts with friends or multi-tasking, the Neo QLED Multi View feature on the 8K TV allows you to split the screen into up to four windows**** showing different content at the same time.

Alongside breaking barriers with its innovations, Samsung ensures its products are sustainably built. One example of this is the Neo QLED’s new SolarCell Remote. Not only does it control your devices, it is also made from recycled materials and powered by solar cell technology, meaning the remote can just be charged by indoor lights. Samsung also helps to give a second lease of life to package waste with its eco-packaging that is designed to be upcycled into various household items. Simply cut along the dotted lines as instructed to turn cardboard boxed into useful shelves, phone stands, tables and more.

Price, Offers & Where to Buy 

Samsung’s premium range of Neo QLED 8K TVs will be available in two models – QN800A 75-inch and QN900A 85-inch.

It will be priced from Rs. 2,199,990 onwards and will be available for online booking at Samsung’s official online store Samsung e-Store and offline booking can be done at authorized partners Softlogic, Singer, Singhagiri and Damro.

Consumers who purchase will get a free Q60T Sound Bar worth Rs.99, 990 from 14th July – 14th August, 2021.


Consumers will be offered a 3-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year no screen burn-in warranty on Neo QLED 8K TVs. 

****Supports Android OS and iOS based smartphones. No same source at once except for TV app. The list of supported apps may vary by region. Android Mirroring/iOS Airplay/YouTube Casting is always displayed in the last screen.