Through the eyes of Jethro Rathnayaka

By Darshani Abeyrathna

For Jethro Rathnayaka, his preferred method of self-expression is photography. It makes no difference whether he is at a wedding, on a bustling street, or on a deserted beach. What you see in his photographs reflects how he sees the world as a result of his life experiences, relationships, personality and mood. When it comes to compliments, he believes it is really big when people tell him that he has encouraged them to pick up a camera and start shooting weddings. To be an inspiration to someone has to mean something.

In an exclusive interview with Colombo Gazette multi-talented Jethro Rathnayaka, had the following to say.

What is your primary style?

I spend my time on wedding photography mostly. However, I am not happy about restricting myself to one track only. In addition, I do fashion photography and take portrait photos too.

Why is finding your style difficult as a photographer ?

Actually, it is not something difficult to do. Prior to taking a photograph I pay attention to some minor facts. I also focus my attention on rules of photography before taking a photo. There is nothing to say that the rule of thirds should be adhered to. Nevertheless, these things have been established in a way that attracts our mind and eyes, in a manner that the mind can easily and quickly capture the angle at which you look at a photograph. It is because some photographs do not pay attention to this that they find it difficult to discover it.

Define your style in five words ?

I am very interested in taking photographs under prevailing light conditions or artificial lighting making it similar to natural lighting in a way that does not harm the naturalness of the final creation, using lighting and shadows.

Do you color correct images?

Yes, in order to give the photograph I am taking, an emotional feeling as needed by me, I engage in a certain method of colour correction. However, I do so, if it is essential only. The reason is because there is nothing as beautiful as nature.

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

I basically use Canon 5d mark iv and Sony a7iii. My favourite lenses are 85mm, 35mm, 55mm, 16-24. For artificial lighting I use godox v1. At the same time, I have separate cameras and lenses for use in an emergency.

How long after the event will the proofs, album, etc be ready?

Generally I provide the album within 30 days. Within the first 14 days I prepare the pages of the album and make arrangements to hand it over to the consumer. Later, if there are any changes to be made, I spend time on that. If it is needed in a hurry, I can provide the album even within 7 days.

When your clients contact you for the first time, they know exactly what they want?

Very often, clients who come to meet me have an understanding of how I take photographs and that I am not limited to one method only. As a result, I am able to attract various types of consumers. It is easier if they have seen my photographs earlier and are able to comprehend my photography, when they come to me. For consumers who come without any understanding at all, I try to determine their requirements and create artistic photographs through that.