Over 1000 Covid victims buried in Oddamavadi

Over 1000 Covid victims have been buried in Oddamavadi.

Former Batticaloa District MP Ali Zahir Moulana said 1001 Covid burials have been completed in Oddamavadi in the Batticaloa District as of yesterday (Wednesday). 

He said 946 Muslims, 24 Hindus, 16 Christians, and 15 Buddhists have been buried thus far. 

The Government initially announced that the Health Ministry’s technical committee has approved the Iranaitivu island in the Gulf of Mannar as a burial ground.

However, due to protests by area residents, the island was not used as a burial ground. 

Thereafter, in March, the Government approved the burial of Covid victims in the Soodupaththinachenai area in Oddamavadi, Batticaloa, and Irakkamam area in the Ampara District.

Sri Lanka conducted its first burials, of two Covid victims, on 05th March 2021. (Colombo Gazette)