Risk of virus spreading after provincial travel ban partially lifted

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

There is a risk of the coronavirus spreading further due to the inter-province travel ban being partially relaxed in Sri Lanka, the Public Health Inspectors Association said.

Secretary to the Association M. Baalasooriya told Colombo Gazette that the impact of the decision to relax travel restrictions will be known in the future. 

The Government has relaxed the inter-province travel ban to enable public transportation only for employees of essential services. 

Baalasooriya said accordingly, the public are being transported in one bus until the provincial border and are transferred to another bus to continue their journey.

Pointing out that the virus spreads from person to person and not from vehicle to vehicle, the PHI Association Secretary said this system could pose a risk for new clusters to emerge.

He said this could also lead to the virus and Covid variants easily spread to other areas. 

Baalasooriya further said the spread of the virus can only be contained by imposing certain restrictions. (Colombo Gazette)