APIIT partners with UNIVISER to adopt peer to peer technology

Maintaining prestige in Sri Lanka’s higher education industry for over 20 years, APIIT Sri Lanka continues to progress towards excellence by taking yet another step to transform its overall student experience.

The institute recently announced its partnership with UNIVISER, a Singaporean and Sri Lankan-based tech startup that has pioneered the peer to peer centralised digital networking platform which enables prospective students to connect with current students and alumni of universities and institutions.

Most often it takes prospective students copious amounts of time to research and discuss with family and friends on a viable option due to the availability of multiple options. This endeavour is focused on offering proper guidance and support in choosing the best for each student when trying to decide on higher education options.

The timely move provides APIIT with access to an innovative technology platform that allows prospective students to virtually engage with current high achieving students at APIIT allowing prospective students to gain in-depth knowledge about the degree programmes available at APIIT as well as information about the quality of the teaching faculty, peers and the overall university atmosphere. This, in turn, will help prospective students make more informed decisions regarding their higher education pathways.

Chairman of APIIT Sri Lanka Bandula Egodage shared his views on this beneficial partnership, “With the COVID-19 pandemic prevailing worldwide, there is no better time than now for APIIT to partner with UNIVISER, enabling prospective students to safely and virtually gain a comprehensive understanding of the institute’s study programmes, faculty and campus life at the early stages even without visiting APIIT and in a more interactive format that creates a unique experience”.

Established in 1999, APIIT is one of the leading private higher education institutes in Sri Lanka, having trained over 4,000 graduates in Business, Computing and Law in the past two decades. Recognised for its innovative approach to learning, APIIT has progressed stealthily with its alumni creating an impressive worldwide network of luminaries.   

“We are delighted to be partnering with APIIT, which has also been supportive of our initiative since its conception and has been able to grasp the value of peer to peer networking in the higher education industry. We look forward to working together in enhancing future students’ educational pursuits through our partnership,” said Founder and CEO of UNIVISER, Ismail Sadurdeen.

The partnership will provide students with a more effective and focused power of choice as they step into an innovative educational experience – one that has their best interest at heart at all times, commencing from the preliminary stage and keeping them engaged and enabling them to be motivators and influencers within the APIIT circle at every point of their lives.