Emperor’s Wok, Hilton Colombo re-opens its doors

Hilton Colombo re-opened its signature Chinese restaurant, Emperor’s Wok. The restaurant offers diners a gourmet journey with authentic Cantonese and Szechuan flavours.

The new Emperor’s Wok restaurant offers innovative interpretations of classic Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine with a contemporary twist that is rich and diversified in colour, aromatic flavor and tastes that vary from mild to spicy, creating a harmonious meal prepared by an experienced team of chefs.

“We are excited about the re-opening of our signature Chinese restaurant after a lapse of 7 years.  It was a much sought after dining venue at the time.  We look forward to continue delivering an exceptional experience to our guests” commented Manesh Fernando, General Manager Hilton Colombo & Area General Manger Hilton Sri Lanka.

The vibrant setting of the restaurant, inspired by the ancient Han civilization, features seating for 98 guests, an open Wok show-kitchen concept, noodle station and an interactive bar.  In addition, Emperor’s Wok offers 4 intimate private dining rooms for business or social gatherings.  The elegant interior and warm atmosphere is imbued with the strong and effective use of natural lights and colours which add vibrancy to the extended space.  A variety of Chinese pottery and antique ceramics adorn the restaurant whilst the contemporary artwork, impressive hand carvings and Chinese calligraphy displayed on the walls complement the noodle station and tea bar and provide the impression of a night-time Asian street market.

The inspiration in the creation of the uniform derives from the Chinese Peony Flower pattern combined with the ancient technique of local Ceylon batik. The Peony Flower symbolizing wealth, happiness and prosperity, is a flower deeply loved by the Chinese people and found in abundance in the Emperor’s garden.  Together with the Chinese Daffodil, which symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, the two motifs were created using local batik incorporating many colors as “Bright & Dramatic”.  Specifically Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Maroon and Gold are the main features in the specially designed local fabric used for the Emperor’s Wok uniforms.

Further to the type of cuisine, Emperor’s Wok brings you the finest Cantonese delicacies and intricate dim sums crafted by the team of Master Chefs. The carefully curated menu comprises a selection of appetizers, soups, dim sums, BBQ combinations and platters along with seafood offering a variety of choices of cooking styles, Cantonese and Szechuan delicacies amidst poultry and meats, rice, noodles and desserts. Loved by many is the signature Peking-Duck, served with pancake, duck sauce, cucumber and leek. Hot & Sour crab soup, Siew Mai with scallop dim sum, Cantonese BBQ platter, black pepper lobster and the chilled avocado cream with milk pudding and vanilla ice cream are not to be missed.

Open daily for lunch and dinner, Emperor’s Wok not only boasts exquisite taste in cuisine but creates a unique dining experience with a “Kung-Fu” Tea Master who welcomes diners with his special skills, pouring out a welcome drink to all his guests made with a combination of 8 exotic teas believed to enhance one’s complexion and rejuvenate the “chi” (energy). Furthermore, a selection of unique healthy teas are available to be enjoyed with the meal and the interactive bar showcases talented mixologists concocting innovative cocktails and mocktails for the discerning diners.

For further information and reservations please call the F&B Reservations Desk on +94 11 2492492 or visit www.hiltoncolombo1.com.