Hambantota Port to be fully functional multi purpose port

The Hambantota Port is working towards being a fully functional multi purpose port by next year.

As 2021 hits its halfway mark, the Hambantota International Port (HIP) has recorded an overall growth in their volumes and diversification of services.

The port’s overall cargo handling volume has increased from 420,421 MT by end June 2020, to a significant 1,206,425 MT, during the corresponding period this year.  HIP continued its operations without interruption throughout the pandemic and is now seeing the results of experienced port management combined with the dedicated services provided to their customers.

RORO volumes as at the end of June 2021 were 413,005 MT as opposed to the 239,827 MT in June 2020.  The increase in bulk volumes during the corresponding period was considerable i.e. 578,327 MT in comparison with the 1443 MTs in 2020. Liquid Bulk volumes of LPG, VLSO and MGO increased from 179,151 MT last year to 215,094 MT.

“HIP responded very well to the challenges during lockdown, and today we can say that our unique selling proposition is the efficiency of the port.  This comes from a responsive workforce at all levels of the operation and best equipment being used to assist the smooth running of it.

As Hambantota Port is working towards being a fully functional multi purpose port by next year, we are gearing at all levels, which includes continuous training and testing our systems for optimum efficiency which is part of the DNA of all CMPort operations across the globe” says Lance Zuo, General Manager, Commercial and Marketing, Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG).

The port recently concluded the unloading of a project cargo vessel, Mv. Han Zhi.  Handling the cargo which came in several packages including power transformers and other parts for the Ceylon Electricity Board, showcased the port’s expertise and capacity for discharging and delivering large scale/heavy units.  Three main transformer tanks were successfully discharged, each unit weighing 70Mt with a Volume of 72.65 m3.

Increased productivity levels from back to back RORO vessels was another outstanding achievement of the port. HIP’s operational team on Mv. Glovis Summit, which called at the port in June 2021, was successful in handling approximately 5000 units in less than 18 hours which is an exceptional achievement by any international measurement.

Two world class drilling vessels owned by Seadrill were also berthed at the port for layups during this period. HIP now has the added service advantage of providing their RORO callers with bunkering facilities. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Oops.Our country asset sold for peanuts by Yahapalana idiots.Our port authority could have brought the same income/profit to SL treasurery.
    If our country want to go forward we should not allow to UNP/ SJB / JVP to come to power for next 20 or more years

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