Sajith accepts invitation to attend Government meeting

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa today accepted an invitation to attend a Government meeting to discuss the damage caused to Sri Lanka as a result of the fire on the X-Press Pearl ship.

Minister of Ports and Shipping, Rohitha Abeygunawardena extended the invitation to Premadasa in Parliament today.

He invited Premadasa to attend the meeting scheduled to be held on Monday with the participation of the Ministers of Ports and Shipping, Justice, Environment, Fishing and Foreign Affairs.

“Let us set a new example. Let us get together and address this,” Abeygunawardena said.

The invitation was extended after Premadasa made comments related to the damage caused to the environment by the X-Press Pearl ship.

Over 170 turtles, 20 dolphins and 4 whales have been killed as a result of the fire on the X-Press Pearl ship.

The owners of the X-Press Pearl ship had agreed to pay an interim compensation to Sri Lanka to cover the cost of damage caused by the fire on the ship.

The X-Press Pearl vessel which was carrying cargo with chemicals had caught fire due to an explosion off the coast of Colombo last month.

Eight containers with cargo had fallen into the sea after which debris and packages had washed ashore along the coast from Colombo to Negombo.

The ship eventually sank in Sri Lankan waters. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Minister of Port of that Abeygunawardena in an uneducated man ,he is NOT fit for such big job of working as Ministers of Port .He like and similar to Sajith P…level of knowledge of man lost lives of ignorant of misreading politics of Island republic. This way is not that going to work future which balance of development of Isnad Democracy at all

  2. Soon, Sajith will be part of the committee which compensates the people who have affected by the disaster.

    The committee will conclude the Committee itself has been affected emotionally more than the fishing community. Therefore, they will compensate to themselves :—)))

    We all know what happened to 2004 tsunami money donated by the world citizens.

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