Twenty-one including Mihintala PS official arrested over rape of 15-year old girl

Twenty-one suspects including the Deputy Chairman of the Mihintala Pradeshiya Sabha (PS) have been arrested over the exploitation and rape of a 15-year old girl.

A total of 18 suspects had initially been arrested over the incident.

The Police said that another three suspects were arrested last night, including the Deputy Chairman of the Mihintala Pradeshiya Sabha, raising the total number of suspects arrested to 21.

The suspects now in custody includes the main suspect who was arrested earlier.

The Police said that investigations are also ongoing to arrest more suspects.

The mother of the child was among those arrested over the incident.

The Police said that a three-wheel driver, a car driver and the suspect involved in designing a website used to sell the child for sex, were also arrested.

The 15-year-old girl had been sold for sex via the internet to multiple customers for Rs. 10,000, Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 30,000 over a period of three months.

Preliminary investigations had revealed that the suspect had rented an apartment in Mount Lavinia to conduct his operations.

The suspect, who is reported to have sold the girl to several people on a daily basis, is said to have acquired the girl from her mother, who is a resident of Delgoda. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka’s population has increased more than 3 times since the independence, but job opportunities have not increased as much as the population. So, poverty will cause the crimes and corruption to increase, especially during the pandemic. When people are hungry and have nothing to eat, they will not follow Buddha, Siva, Jesus or Allah.

    The West invaded other parts of the world for resources to be on top. But South Asia is not militarily strong enough to invade other countries for resources. Its only resources are human resources, but it has utterly failed to utilise the people. It must utilise the people to increase the country’s wealth or control the population. Otherwise poverty and crimes will continue to increase.

    Since the 1970s China has increased job opportunities by making itself as the world factory. It also controlled the population to make sure that people have enough jobs, shelter and other nfrastructure facilities such as high ways, adequate train, bus and air transport systems, schools, universities and shopping malls.

    But South Asia has failed to utilise the population. It has also failed to make sure that people have enough jobs, shelter and infrastructure facilities by controlling the population. Indians just believed the West and thought Mother Teresa will take care of their poverty and uncontrollable population. This is the difference between China’s and India’s strategy and can determine the success or failure.

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