Sri Lanka to receive Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in two weeks

Sri Lanka is to receive Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in two weeks, the Government said today.

State Minister of Production, Supply, and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals Professor Channa Jayasumana said that the Government is to receive three vaccine brands still not in use in Sri Lanka.

He said that the brands include the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Sri Lanka is also expected to receive the Sinovac vaccine.

Professor Channa Jayasumana said that all three vaccines are scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka in two weeks.

The State Minister said that by the second week of July the Government hopes to administer at least one jab to all Sri Lankans above the age of 60.

The Government has also decided to inoculate all Sri Lankans travelling overseas for employment. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. For me it seems there is no strategy at all. Almost certainly every country vaccinated people in predefined groups. Starting with age above 70, then above 60…. / for sure there are younger people with chronic deseases (also specified) and system relevant groups as doctors, nurses e.g. to prioritise – are ministers and monks of systemic importance?
    Ratio of distribution strictly by population in each province, district.
    What’s going to happen with all the people in remote areas where it’s more difficult to reach hospital in serious cases.

    Where can I register (online?) to get a jab in Akkara100/Haputale? Is there a vaccination center?

  2. He lied earlier regarding Astra Zeneca 2nd jab This time it might be a bigger lie , let us wait and see our 2nd vaccine is over due by a month

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