China defends Sinovac’s Non-Disclosure Agreement with Sri Lanka

China has defended the strict Non-Disclosure Agreement between the manufacturer of the Sinovac vaccine and Sri Lanka.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka said that the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) is a common and import feature of the procurement process for pharmaceutical companies across the world.

The Embassy said that Sinopharm, Sinovac, Pfizer and Moderna impose NDAs and penalties in their deals with buyers.

The Sunday Times reported today that the Chinese manufacturer of Sinovac vaccines, which Sri Lankan plans to procure in the millions, has placed a condition on its purchase contract: if the price of the jab is disclosed or even spoken about in public, the deal is off and there could be legal trouble.

“They [Sinovac Lifesciences Co. Ltd.] have said that if the price in the agreement is disclosed to the public or spoken about in public it will be subjected for termination of the agreement or they will take legal action against us,” V. Nadarajah, Chairman of Kelun Lifesciences (Pvt) Ltd, the local company that has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese firm, writes in a June 13 letter to Prof Channa Jayasumana, Sri Lanka’s State Minister of Pharmaceutical Production.

Nadrajah says this was because “…we are getting a very competitive price for Sri Lanka”. The official name of the vaccine is CoronaVac but it is commonly called the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine. Sinovac Lifesciences is the Beijing-based unit of Sinovac Biomed that developed the jab.

A regional controversy recently broke out when it was found that the quoted price of the other Chinese vaccine, Sinopharm, was five US dollars more for Sri Lanka (US$ 15 a dose) than it was for Bangladesh (US$ 10 a dose). (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is illegal! The citizens have the right to this information and to hold the Chinese government accountable for paying bribes to politicians even on vaccines shameless Chinese politicians…

    • If your politicians are corrupt, deal with them. Chase them out of their offices and cities. Don’t blame the third party. Change your profile name to foolish Citizens, because it is an appropriate word to describe your mindset.

  2. A manufacturer can decide the price based on each customer’s circumstances. For an example, if a customer consumes in bulk more than others that particular customer can get cheaper price. These conditions are perfectly within the rights of a seller. Don’t blame others, but blame yourselves for being stupid and poor. Why your Indian big brothers have failed to provide enough vaccines to you? Why two billion people need others’ help to secure their existence?

  3. The taxpayers are paying for the vaccines and are entitled to complete transparency.. non of the other vaccines manufacturers are allowing their lifesaving vaccines to be used as a tool to allow corrupt politicians to be paid kickbacks…

    • Can you prove that the politicians are making 5 dollars per vaccine? I think you are exaggerating the deal between Sri Lanka and China. Please prove it, and we will make sure that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa takes an action to punish the corrupt politicians. Lies are cheap and easy, especially if you are a fan of India and the West, because you have no other options.

    • I am well aware how the West and South Asians isolate people like me. I am well aware of their lies and how quickly they are falling. You didn’t think Sri Lanka will end up in bankruptcy when you made my life miserable while I was in Sri Lanka between 2015 and 2017. Likewise, I am very certain, convict Australians who insult my knowledge by buying foolish and poor South Asians will pay in due time. Also, Chinese are ignoring to occupy the moral high ground by exposing Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and First People’s hardships to Taiwan and Hong Kong youths. Chinese firmly believe that only way to have power is having money. This strategy will backfire on China in due time. I am very certain, a nuclear war is inevitable. I have seen the Tamils’ agony, because of their stupidity. Currently, I am seeing Indians and other South Asian paying for their ignorance, but the worse is yet to come for entire South Asia. I am very certain convict Australians and Chinese will pay in due time. Their bones and flesh will melt by nuclear bombs. The Americans are talking advantage of the Australians’ white supremacy mentality and pushing Australia against the dragon. I believe that Australia is going to be the first country among the Western countries to be destroyed by nuclear bombs. Australians will not only pay for what they have done to me and refugees, but for their atrocities since 1788. Whatever goes around comes around, I rest my case.

  4. You can have NDAs with the private sector not with taxpayers money… total transparency required with anything related to the use of Sri Lankan taxpayers money…

    • Do you know how many billions (taxpayers money) the CIA has been spending on creating radicals, terrorists and fighting unwanted wars?

  5. Just recently, how much did Alaina teplitz offer Udaya Gammanpilla for the tender to be awarded to an American Company for the construction of………
    It was flashed in all News medias……………….
    Did Gamanpilla acceed? NO.
    So….. don’t blame CHINA.
    This is about Manufacture of the “SINOVAC” in Sri Lanka.
    There is nothing called democracy. its all about HAVE & THE HAVE NOTS. That is America.

    • If you can’t afford it don’t buy it. China is not begging you.

      My question is what are you going to achieve by saving the lives in Sri Lanka, other than people getting caught in stupidity. What’s so good about begging the world to survive, at the same time multiplying like rabbits? At least you can make a good curry using a rabbit meat. What do you do with foolish and corrupt Sri Lankans who fool themselves and others by sitting in temples and churches?


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