President insists no room for interference in domestic affairs

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today insisted that he will not leave room for interference in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs.

Addressing the nation, the President said that steps will be taken to protect Sri Lanka’s national security.

The President explained in detail the steps taken so far by the Government to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and other related matters.

He said that lockdowns had to be enforced during the third wave of the coronavirus to contain the spread.

The President also recalled that when the virus spread from China Sri Lanka took steps to contain the virus locally and also bring back Sri Lankans stranded overseas.

He also said that the Government has had to incur additional expenses as a result of the coronavirus, including to offer assistance to affected families and to support the health sector.

The President also said that during the pandemic the public have been flooded with only negative information on the Government, through social media.

He also said that some people who supported him during the Presidential election are now critical of him as he had not done them any personal favours. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Mr President,

    I have supported you, but I will not make a similar mistake ever again. I supported you; however, I did not ask any favour from you. Please do not twist the truth to fool the people. You have failed as your predecessors. Your governing system is not different to the previous leaders. The people had defeated your elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa, but he is in power by bringing you from the United States. Likewise, Ranil was defeated by the people, but he has found a back door. Corrupt and foolish politicians are the real enemies of South Asia, but the people are not wise enough to come together to chase you out from the Parliaments. You have failed to acquire knowledge from the talented Sri Lankans who live all around the world. You have utterly failed to deal with Sri Lanka’s brain drain. You have failed to use the golden opportunity to help the people who have voted for you. Trust me, this consciousness will make you to regret until you die. As a younger brother you are just blindly following your elder brothers. This is a typical South Asian useless and foolish culture. I am youngest among my brothers. My elder brothers have not even passed GCE A/L, in contrast I have postgraduate education and done plenty of researches on communism, democracy, human development, religious beliefs, global economy and international affairs. But my brothers think that they know better because they are few years older than me. South Asians value education, at the same time emphasising on age more than education. This is a contradiction, this is why South Asia is going nowhere, especially Sri Lanka.

  2. Releasing convicted murderers and circumventing the rule of law does not inspire confidence in your governance Mr President. It only serves to reinforce the internationally held belief that Sri Lanka is a pariah state governed by “PARAYA’s”. You Gota are now tarred with the same brush and held in the same contempt.

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