Are you and your loved ones safe from viruses?

No matter how well you disinfect your environment, germs can re-enter the place as soon as people arrive and remain alive until the place is disinfected again.

At a time when the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading around the world, you will no doubt be happy to hear that those invisible germs that collect in such a closed environment can now be destroyed by a small device called STERIONIZER introduced to Sri Lanka by ABC Trade & Investments.

This small device has made life easy for many as you can clean your home or any other place (specially closed environment) by plug-in the STERIONIZER.

STERIONIZER system keeps air ducts, air heat exchangers and machinery clean and supplies sanitized air in enclosed areas and each ionizing device is completely maintenance free and connected to a data-bus for supervision and monitoring.

The STERIONIZE technology has been developed by an integratable bipolar ioniza¬tion module that brings natural air to your living environment. The STERIONIZER restores the necessary ion lev¬els in closed environments.

The basic principle is the permanent flushing of the area with clean air reinforced with positive and negative ions. These charged oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂- have high chemical ¬activity and when reacting with water molecules in the air, H₂O₂ (Hydrogen ¬Peroxide) is formed. A chemical reaction occurs and oxidants break down the protein structure of pollutants, rendering them harmless.

This process enables halting and controlling the growth of microbes and bacteria in a particular area.

The device can be used 24 hours a day as it consumes only a very little electricity. It provides you with a fresh environment that is 99% virus and bacterial free.

STERIONIZER is now available from Rs. 35,000 with no maintenance costs.

Install this device and disinfect any location including offices, supermarkets, hotel rooms, restaurants, classrooms, libraries, homes, lecture halls for 24 hours a day by calling 070 3 525 525 or Info on 070 1 853 529.