Ship reports oil leak after leaving Colombo Port

A ship reported an oil leak after leaving the Colombo Port, the Indian Coast Guard said.

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) said that MV Devon which was heading to Haldia from Colombo reported a fuel tank breach.

The breach has resulted in the spillage of 10KL of oil into the sea approx 250 nm South East of Chennai on 16 June.

The Indian Coast Guard said that the Vessel was stable and continued its passage.

“All concerned informed by Indian Coats Guard,” the Indian Coats Guard tweeted.

It said that the situation was being monitored.

Meanwhile, the New Indian Express said that pollution response teams at Chennai had been alerted and kept on standby. In addition, ICG ships and aircraft deployed at sea have also been put on alert.

Information of the mid-sea oil spill, about 450 km South East of Chennai came from the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Colombo in the late hours of Wednesday.

As per the Coast Guard, the said Merchant Vessel, MV Devon, developed an underwater crack in the left side fuel tank containing about 120 KL of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) resulting in spillage.

The vessel is carrying 10,795 tonnes of general cargo in 382 containers and manned by 17 crew of mixed nationality. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ships registered under “flags of convenience” have very little scrutiny with regard to sea worthiness. Also, crews recruited from poverty stricken nations and paid a pittance; are inadequately qualified as seafarers.

    Before we have another major disaster, a capable person such as Defence Secretary Kamal Gunaratne should ensure proper scrutiny of ships sailing within the Sri Lankan maritime boundary, and their crews.

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