Experts believe no bunker oil remaining in MV X-Press Pearl

Experts believe there is no bunker oil remaining in the ship, MV X-Press Pearl.

Chairperson of the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), Dharshani Lahandapura said that they have received expert opinion that the oil may have burnt or evaporated.

Lahandapura said that the ship owners and salvors had been requested to analyse and inform the authorities if there is bunker oil in the ship.

She said that based on photographic evidence and based on the extent of the fire, the number of days the fire lasted and the location where the oil tank is located, the owners and salvors believe there is no oil left in the ship.

Lahandapura said that there was over 300 MT of bunker oil in the ship at the time of the fire.

She also said that samples are taken daily from the sea near the ship to see if there is any bunker oil and so far no such oil has been found.

The MEPA Chairperson also said that the authorities are on standby in the event there is bunker oil left in the ship and if there is a leak.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka sought foreign assistance to further contain the environmental damage from the fire.

State Minister of Urban Development, Coast Conservation, Waste Disposal, and Public Sanitation, Dr. Nalaka Godahewa said that Sri Lanka has sought UN and EU assistance in this regard. (Colombo Gazette)


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