Moves to regulate mobile app based food delivery services

Steps are being taken to regulate food delivery services operating in Sri Lanka, including popular mobile app based services Uber and PickMe. 

The move comes after concerns were raised over hidden costs associated with some of the items delivered to consumers.

Daily Mirror reported that a meeting had been held between Consumer Affairs State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna and food outlets, including hotels, to discuss concerns over added costs when their items are delivered.

It is understood that an additional cost of as much as 30% to 40% is added to the actual price of the items by some food delivery service providers.

When contacted by Daily Mirror, Alagiyawanna said that there was a need to protect the consumer from unfair pricing.

As a result, he said a discussion is now underway to regulate the food delivery services operating in Sri Lanka.

He asserted that while mobile app based services like Uber and Pick Me provide a good service to the public, the interest of the consumer must be looked into.


  1. Brilliant move, end users are fleeced due to the exorbitant delivery charges levied based on the grading of restaurant
    This is unfair

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