40% Savings for Corporates and SMEs through PickMe Corporate Portal

In a revolutionary move to disrupt standard models of transport services in medium and small-scale businesses in Sri Lanka, PickMe, the app based digital mobility company, has opened up a portal to SMEs.  This application will help these businesses bring down their transportation costs by as much as 40 percent.

The PickMe corporate portal, which was previously only for large-scale businesses, has been fine tuned to cater to smaller groups of end users, who can now take advantage of the digital platform to hail taxis for their official use and have their respective companies pick up the bill.

“Once a business registers with us and feeds in the right payment method in their respective account, such as a credit card, all they have to do is give us the mobile phone numbers of employees who are authorised to use our services. What is significant and valuable in this system is that accountants and administrators would be able to easily monitor the movement of employees when they are out of the office,” says Lakmal Weerasuriya, Head of Corporate Sales of PickMe.

While in the past older forms of accounting entailed filling out vouchers and claiming reimbursements, the PickMe Corporate Portal allows an entirely modern cashless system, in a safe environment.  It even allows end users to record reasons for travel, and provides a route map and timing, which would enable supervisors ease of scrutiny in approving claims.  

“PickMe is a digital solutions company, and our aim is to create simplified systems and enable lifestyles as free of encumbrances as they could be.  At the same time, we also understand that our solutions must have an impact on the bottom lines of businesses.  Therefore, for those who come on board with us, this would be a great cost saving exercise,” says Jiffry Zulfer, CEO of PickMe.

Companies can control their transport budgets department and branch wise and create different user accounts, delegating responsibilities to manage claims at different levels.  Many new features have been added to the portal, such as responsive UI/ UX which means that the portal can be viewed through any device (Laptop, desktop, Tab or Phone). A Corporate Dashboard is available as well as an account summary, spend history, activity overview and department spend overview. Enhanced business user agent account management is also possible and up to 30 agents can be added to place bookings via the Corporate portal.  Integrated Help is available, along with support FAQs and video tutorials.

Over 800 corporates use the portal including Dialog, NTB, HNB, HSBC, MAS, Brandix and LOLC. However, now with small and medium scale companies also needing to cut costs, PickMe has scaled the portal to fit the needs of all businesses.