Art of Living foundation Sri Lanka initiates several free relief programs

The Art of Living foundation Sri Lanka has initiated several free relief programs to combat the current crisis of the COVID-19 virus.

The Art of Living to lead a virtual campaign which will include a session on specific breathing techniques to improve lung capacity, building immunity and a guided meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The sessions which will run through zoom platform in all three languages.

The Art of Living has been helping people in their issues with stress and more with their programmes for breathing, meditation and other techniques for many years now. The organization also has been coming up with different and new exercises and sessions regularly and the most recent one is amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown in the county where many have been forced to be at home.

As wave of covid-19 rages on, the sessions aim to provide the much needed spiritual and emotional comfort in these times of abject fear, grief and uncertainty, with many people having lost their near and dear ones to the pandemic.

Last year, millions around the globe benefitted from the ‘Open up in Lockdown’ meditations with Gurudev. This year Gurudev has put together a special set of breathing exercises and meditations that will help boost lung capacity, improve immunity and provide deep relaxation to the mind. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar says, “In these challenging times, let us all be brave and keep our strength and faith intact.”

There are three types of 3 days free programs will be offered. Immunity boost and Prevention program for normal people, Home Isolation care program for the people who affected by the virus and Post Covid rehabilitation program to get relieved from post Covid symptoms.

A regular practice can result in better health, know that it is not a substitute for medical treatment.

In the case of a medical condition, practice yoga postures, breathing exercise after consulting a doctor and under the supervision of a trained Teacher.

Organization has requested to contact through below mentioned phone numbers for the programs link and more details.

Mrs. Uma Janathanan – 0776079220

Mrs. Sujatha Ramabhadran -0767194545

Email –

(Compiled by H.H Wickramasinghe)



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