Health experts request President to extend travel ban till 21st June

Health experts have requested President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to extend the travel ban till 21st June.

According to reports, the request was made on the basis that extending it by another week will help contain the spread of the virus.

The islandwide travel ban is currently in force till 04 am on the 14th of June.

The ban was to expire tomorrow (7th June) but was extended till 14th June on a request made by health experts.

Health experts had earlier pointed out that a 14-day restriction will not be sufficient to contain the rapidly spreading third wave of the coronavirus.

They had requested a 21-day cycle to curtail the spread of the virus in Sri Lanka.

However, according to reports, health experts have now proposed that the ban be extended till 21st June to ensure the ban becomes more effective.

Earlier, health inspectors had claimed that the travel ban which was extended until 14th June was ineffective due to a large number of people still moving around the streets.

PHI Association Secretary M. Balasooriya told Colombo Gazette that people and mainly institutions are not strictly adhering to the travel restriction in several areas. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Inexperienced & uneducated people and higher athourities this won’t end up in success
    Eg :so many warning ⚠️ but in April new year all was open they were feeling there was no covid-19 and played hell now they take this kind of action. Only one thing we can request is only what’s the plan ? not the solution so at least we can pan our activities according to that unless getting bankrupt or collapse in between Time they open Nation for normal activities.

  2. Better Lockdown the whole Island till January 1st so the Health Officials will be satisfied and the country will be impoverished and will be somewhat like Ethiopia.
    Why can’t our country follow a developed country who had successfully tackled the Corona Virus eg UK ?

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