Health inspectors claim travel ban ineffective

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Health inspectors claim the travel ban which was extended until 14th June is ineffective due to a large number of people still moving around the streets.

PHI Association Secretary M. Baalasooriya told Colombo Gazette that people and mainly institutions are not strictly adhering to the travel restriction in several areas.

A number of Government and Private institutions have issued employment letters claiming to be essential services beyond the workforce capacity of between 25%-50% outlined in the health guidelines on COVID-19 issued in May.

Reports have been received on companies issuing letters to more employees than required, in violation of the workforce capacity outlined in the health guidelines. 

This poses a risk of the coronavirus spreading further, while it also sabotages the purpose of the islandwide travel restrictions, he said.

Baalasooriya further said there are also reports of people misusing the permits issued for essential services to travel to various other areas and cross borders for their personal reasons.

The Government has extended the travel ban hoping to enforce an effective containment process to curtail the spread of the third wave of the coronavirus.

However, due to the movement of a large number of people despite the travel ban, it will not provide the expected result and will be ineffective, he pointed out. 

The PHI Association Secretary said the Government must look into the administrations of Government and Private institutions to ensure that they follow the workforce capacity outlined in the health guidelines. 

Baalasooriya said the travel restriction will only be effective and help the coronavirus containment process if there is less movement of people during this period. (Colombo Gazette)