UN Peacebuilding Fund to be urged not to support OMP

A former member of a UN expert panel on Sri Lanka, Yasmin Sooka, says she will be writing to the UN Peacebuilding Fund and international donors urging them not to support the Office on Missing Persons (OMP).

Sooka said the move is as a result of the appointment of former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Jayantha Wickremaratne to the OMP.

Sooka alleged that the appointment of the war-time police chief to the Office on Missing Persons in Sri Lanka completes the militarisation of the transitional justice mechanism established under the previous government.

“It is hard to make this up – the man who was in charge of three police units named by the United Nations investigation as involved in mass enforced disappearances at the end of the war is now investigating the disappearances himself,” Sooka, who is now the Executive Director of the International Truth and Justice Project, said.

The Office on Missing Persons is charged with investigating the fate of tens of thousands of missing and enforced disappeared in a country said to have the second largest case numbers in the world.

“We will be writing to the UN Peacebuilding Fund and international donors asking them not to fund such a body that has become so compromised and also sending relevant United Nations entities and member states a confidential dossier on the problematic appointments,” Sooka said.

She also urged victim communities inside and outside Sri Lanka to write to the UN and other donors to urge them not to use their tax money to finance what she says has become a vehicle for impunity designed to cover up the Sri Lankan government’s past crimes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is what YASMIN SOOKA is all about.
    She is “JUST A JOKE” doing such things to earn funds/money for her living from the EU and other International Funding agencies, maintaining many different INGO’s in her name. International Organizations should at least now begin to understand who this “DECEPTIVE” character is trying to harm the democratic government of Sri Lanka elected with a landslide voting majority by the “PEACE” loving people of Sri Lanka and the dedicated and loyal high ranking officers of our armed forces.
    Here is a content published by a newspaper which had always been pro-L..E over the last 4 decades, below:
    The News.
    Yasmin Sooka and ITJPSL apologises to Brigadier Ravindra Dias
    5 September 2020 06:03 am D…y Mirror.
    Ms. Yasmin Sooka of International Truth and Justice Project Sri Lanka (ITJPSL) has reportedly apologised to Brigadier Ravindra Dias of the Sri Lanka Army for wrongfully using his picture to portray the same as that of Major General Suresh Salley, incumbent Director of Sri Lanka State Intelligence Service.
    Brigadier Ravindra Dias through his Attorney at Law Nilanga Perera, has sent a letter of demand dated 06/07/2020 to Ms. Yasmin Sooka and ITJPSL for wrongfully using his picture. The letter of demand claimed that using Brigadier Ravindra Dias’ picture and portraying the same as that of Major General Salley’s, had put the Brigadier’s life at risk that would otherwise be faced by General Salley in his official capacity as Sri Lanka’s premier Intelligence officer and further demanded a sum of Rs. 5,000,000/- from Ms. Yasmin Sooka and/or ITJPSL.
    It is now reported that Ms. Yasmin Sooka on the advice of her Attorneys has since apologised to Brigadier Ravindra Dias, for wrongfully using his picture and issued a public apology and a statement of correction.
    Major General Salley, too issued a letter of demand earlier in June, 2020 to Ms. Yasmin Sooka and ITJPSL for causing defamatory damages to his character. The said dispute is reportedly headed for litigation.

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