Government dismisses claims Sri Lanka a dumping ground for China

The Government today dismissed claims that Sri Lanka is a dumping ground for Chinese garbage.

Cabinet co-spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said that such claims are mere gossip and not backed with facts.

Rambukwella told reporters today that it is a “joke” to claim Sri Lanka is importing garbage from China.

The Government also insisted that China can decide the cost of the Sinopharn vaccine sold to any country.

Cabinet co-spokesman, Udaya Gammanpila told reporters today that the Sri Lankan Government cannot decide or comment on the price of the vaccine.

He said that only the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka or the Chinese Government can comment.

However, he added that the vaccine has been sold to Sri Lanka at a lower price than the price given to other countries.

The Cabinet co-spokesman was responding to a question raised at the post Cabinet press conference today on allegations that the Sinopharn vaccine is being sold at a higher cost to Sri Lanka.


  1. “ The Government also insisted that China can decide the cost of the Sinopharn vaccine sold to any country.”

    The citizens of Sri Lanka are against China including kickbacks Into the cost of vaccine provided to us…

    Just buy more of the Covishield vaccines from India that is much cheaper and safer and more effective against Covid19! Give our people the best not overpriced garbage packaged with kickbacks for corrupt politicians…

    Speaking about garbage when are you rogues importing low quality garbage fertilizer from China that will create more environmental damage and loss of crops to our farmers!

    • Do not live in lies. Indians are already lining up in Mexico border to get refugee status in the US.

      An appropriate finale, perhaps to calamitous campaigns on freedom and independence that did no justice to the people who had hoped that their leaders could turn things around. After decades of constant battles and enormous sacrifices, Indians got independence from the West to develop themselves. Seven decades have passed, what they have is a disaster. Today, they cannot wait to get out of their country to save their lives. Truly, this is a tragedy for South Asia and humanity as a whole. Surely, the British would not have given independence to South Asia; if Indians had a plan to unite South Asia to utilise the largest human resources as China does to build its wealth and power because that would have been the greatest threat to the Western powers in the 20th century. The British gave independence to South Asia after making sure that divisions are in place. The divisions were systematically created in every part of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, but the obvious one was dividing India and creating Pakistan.

      The Western countries ripped off South Asia and fooled South Asians for centuries. However, the South Asian leaders failed to think for themselves to re-unite South Asia which was divided by the West. Britain’s brainchild is Pakistan, I would not surprise if the British deliberately twist the truth and pushed the Hindu fundamentalists to kill Gandhi for creating Pakistan. After Gandhi’s death, South Asian leaders have been pleasing the West to safeguard their political positions to build their own wealth at the expense of billions of South Asians. South Asia has more population than China, it had an opportunity to become unbelievably wealthy and powerful to make this world a better place, especially to help the First People of North America and Australasia to have their freedom. However, South Asia has failed utterly.

      In fact, the West did more than ripping off the region before giving independence. The West divided South Asia as well as embedded democracy and religious beliefs to indulge laziness, so the South Asia’s biggest human resources will not be capitalised. I have visited Jaffna, Sri Lanka and seen the reality. More than 50% of the people do nothing but living on foreign money. According to the government statistics, average government worker works only four hours a day. But they never fail to go to temples or churches, because siting in temples and churches easier than doing a job to earn their living. They simply indulging their laziness in the name of democracy and religious freedom.

      Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah were fighting for their own positions not for South Asians. It is all about themselves, not the people. Otherwise, they would have easily identified the divisions, religious ideologies, caste systems, and gender issues. From Nehru to the Rajapaksas leaderships all about having a position. The West made China as a world factory but China didn’t change its system. In contrast, South Asian leaders would do anything for the West as long as they have a position. The Rajapaksas and their advisors are no different than Indian political leaders. They will continue to pampering the people’s laziness to keep their votes and  power.

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