Impact of travel ban being closely monitored

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The impact of the travel ban currently in force is being closely monitored, Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said today.

He told Colombo Gazette that travel restrictions were imposed to curtail the spread of the third wave of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka. 

The islandwide travel restrictions have been constantly monitored since being implemented, and was reviewed over the weekend.

The travel restrictions have so far had a good impact with regards to the containment process, the Army Commander said.

General Shavendra Silva pointed out there were instances of some people attempting to misuse the permits issued for essential services to travel.

He said however, this has not had a major impact on the containment process, as all shops and public places have been closed during the travel ban.

The Army Commander added that the authorities will continue to monitor the islandwide travel ban.

An islandwide travel ban was imposed from the 21st -the 28th of May, and was relaxed on the 25th of May for the public to stock up on essential goods.

However, the Government later decided to extend the travel ban till the 7th of June.

All stores, supermarkets, and other public places have been closed and have been advised to operate a delivery service, while only pharmacies are allowed to remain open during this period. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People are highly inconveinced by the extention of travel restriction no shops, grocery or supermarkets operate the online service is not in par with expectation. Further we do not see any reduction of covid effected patients nor has the death rate reduced it is same or could be worse now with travel restrictions in place denying patients medical support. The vacination programme is very disappointing vacinations are carried out in a very unprofessional method. The only people benefiting from this travel restrictions are supporters of rulling party we hear parties organzied at hotels birthdays celebrated.

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