Public to be informed of vaccine date and location via SMS

The public will be informed of the date and location the coronavirus vaccine will be administered for that particular person or particular area via SMS in future.

Army Commander, General Shavendra Silva said that the new process will be followed when the second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine is administered.

He said that another form of communication will be implemented for those who don’t have mobile phones.

General Shavendra Silva said that a similar process will be implemented when administering the first dose of a vaccine as well.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday advised the health authorities to administer the second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine after a month (June 8th) at the same location where the public received their first jab on the 8th of May.

The Government has already allocated 375,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to administer the second jab.

The President also emphasized the need for the vaccination programme to continue in a systematic manner in the districts which have been identified and prioritized by the health sector. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. My dear Renu,
    I sincerely hope you will be well and safe to live happily no matter what. Do not feel afraid to face reality (Dhamma) if you have lived your life in line with the ‘Sathara Brahma Viharas’.
    Unfortunately, a very small percentage for the people who have been honest and with integrity born in ‘Sorry Lanka’ have to suffer due to:
    “Pathiroopa Desa Wasocha, Pubbetha Katha Pungathaa”
    May you all be well, happy, peaceful and most of all, free from ill heath @& suffering.
    Metta to all.

    • Can i ask you honestly if you were also one of those who voted for the pohottu and now regretting your decision verybadly?

  2. Director Health Services please publish a list of from President to the PM, Cabinet Ministers ,secretaries of the Ministries ,Law enforcers, Army,Air Force , Navy, Police officers spouses and their families who are vaccinated with Astra Zeneca both doses, we are over 70, got 1st vaccine now at the mercy of administrators for the 2nd dose. Are we the next vitims

  3. So what happens to the ones who were administered Astra Zeneca vaccine first dose in the 1stweek of March, They are at the mercy of law makers and the ones who decide , Where is Jayasumana who ordered the vaccine sometime back . We are over 70 years retired , hence there is no value in us anymore , so let nature take its own course, as the they consider us dud coins now, Most of Government administrators who are over Seventy have secured themselves with proper vaccination to live long leaving others to the wolfs. I am sure retribution will take its course soon , as the ones who are helpless will have to wait for Karmic forces to act on people who have been inhuman

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