Contact tracing underway in Parliament

Contact tracing is underway in Parliament for Covid infected persons after Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and his wife Jalani had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Officials said that CCTV cameras are being used to detect anyone who came in close contact with Premadasa in Parliament.

Health guidelines were strictly enforced during Parliament sittings last week.

However, some MPs were seen at times having their face masks down and not maintaining social distancing.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader took part in a protest outside Parliament last week and there is a suspicion he may have contracted the virus during the protest.

Premadasa tweeted today saying his wife was admitted to hospital with symptoms of Covid-19 yesterday (Saturday).

“She subsequently tested positive having done a PCR. Following Health Guidelines, I did a PCR as well and was informed a short while ago that I too, have tested positive. While my wife is being treated for her symptoms, I remain asymptomatic. We are both currently being treated at hospital,” Premadasa tweeted.

He said that leading the opposition’s role in ensuring the safety of the people during these extremely difficult times, remains his priority.

Premadasa had told Parliament recently that he has not yet got the coronavirus vaccine. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Excellent !!!! There is still hope that COVID 19 can do a yeoman service for the nation and eliminate all the vermin in parliament. We live in hope !

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