Public urged not to get Sinopharm if they took AstraZeneca jab

The public have been urged not to obtain the Sinopharm vaccine if they got the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine as the first dose.

The Health Ministry’s Deputy Director-General (Public Health Services I), Dr. S.M. Arnold told reporters today that many incidents of people attempting to receive the Chinese vaccine as the second dose have been reported lately.

He said if the AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine has been administered as the first dose, then the second dose should also be the same vaccine brand.

The World Health Organization is yet to approve a mix and match of the coronavirus vaccine brands, he pointed out.

Dr. Arnold warned that the mixing of vaccine brands could cause adverse effects to the health of the person receiving the vaccine.

The Health Ministry’s Deputy Director-General (Public Health Services I) also called on the public to refrain from storming vaccination centres.

Dr. S.M. Arnold advised the public to receive the coronavirus vaccines from the vaccination centres in their respective residential areas and to refrain from going to vaccination centres in other areas.

Crowding at vaccination centres poses a risk of the emergence of a new coronavirus cluster. The Government will provide vaccines to all citizens, and the public to remain patient to obtain the vaccine. The Government was undertaking measures to obtain the necessary doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, he explained.

The Health Ministry’s Deputy Director-General (Public Health Services I) called on the people to refrain from panicking over an alleged shortage of the vaccine doses.

Stating that a systematic procedure was underway to provide the vaccine, he urged the public to follow the procedure.

Commenting on infected Covid patients, he said such people can receive the vaccine after complete recovery.

Dr. S.M. Arnold explained that the vaccine will increase the immunity of an individual who has recovered after contracting the virus.

He further said the vaccine will be less effective on an asymptomatic patient, who has unknowingly received the jab while being infected.

The Health Ministry’s Deputy Director-General (Public Health Services I) the vaccine will not increase such a patient’s immunity in comparison to an uninfected person. 

He warned there is a risk of the virus spreading to other people through this person if he is found at a vaccination centre. (Colombo Gazette)