Five pregnant women killed from Covid during third wave

Five pregnant women have been killed from Covid during the third wave, officials said today.

Director of the Family Health Bureau (FHB) of the Health Ministry Consultant Dr. Chithramalee De Silva said that pregnant women are at risk during the third wave. 

Dr. De Silva said apart from the deaths, a number of pregnant women have been found to have contracted the virus during this period.

She further advised pregnant women to refrain from venturing outdoors for daily essential activities, as it poses a risk for them to contract the virus.

Commenting on breastfeeding mothers, Dr. De Silva said the World Health Organization has granted approval to administer the coronavirus vaccine to new mothers.

She said breastfeeding mothers can receive the vaccine, similar to other women, and can continue to feed their newborn child. 

Dr. Chithramalee De Silva said it has been noted that breastfeeding mothers and their children do not develop any complications due to the mother receiving the vaccine.

Refuting rumors claiming that vaccinated new mothers should not breastfeed their babies for two or more days after receiving the vaccine, she said it was fake information, and the mothers can breastfeed immediately after receiving the vaccine.

However, a breastfeeding mother who has contracted the coronavirus must receive the vaccine after recovering, Dr. De Silva said.

She further explained that an infected new mother can, however, breastfeed the child despite being infected, by strictly adhering to the health guidelines.

Dr. Chithramalee De Silva said this has been permitted as in most instances the child has not contracted the virus from the mother. (Colombo Gazette)