Welikada Prison land to be used for mixed development project

The Welikada Prison is to be shifted and the land will be used for a mixed development project.

Cabinet has given approval to lease the land where the prison is located to local and foreign investors.

The Welikada Prison will be relocated to 200 acres of land in Horana.

A high-security prison is to be constructed in Horana after which all the inmates at Welikada will be shifted.

The 42 acre land in Welikada will be acquired by the Urban Development Authority to be used as a mixed development project.

The property will be offered to local and foreign investors on a long-term lease. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The land at Welikada should have been repurposed for commercial development many years ago. But do we really need to speculate who the “FOREIGN INVESTORS” will be ?

    This question should be on an IQ test for Sri Lankan parliamentarians. It would be the only answer they would know.

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