Colombo air quality improves during third wave

The air quality in Colombo saw a sharp improvement in May, especially during the extended weekend.

The US Air Quality Index (AQI) rated the air quality in Colombo as ‘good’ on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday (Sunday).

A partial lockdown was enforced on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a result of which most vehicles were off the streets and most institutions were shut.

According to the AQI, the air quality in Colombo was around 31-36 yesterday (Sunday) and 43 on Saturday and around 23 on Thursday and Friday.

During the previous few days in May the AQI has been good, ranging from between 21-52.

The air quality is expected to be at a moderate level over the next few days when vehicles return to the streets.

The AQI considers the air quality between 0 to 50 to be good, 50 to 100 moderate and over 100 to be unhealthy.

The air quality in Colombo was recorded as unhealthy on some days in January, February and March.

Air quality levels in Colombo were good during the first and second wave of the coronavirus when the country was in lockdown and vehicles were off the streets. (Colombo Gazette)