WhatsApp users in Sri Lanka warned of scam

WhatsApp users in Sri Lanka have been warned to be on alert over a scam using the mobile application.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) also urged the public to activate two factor authentication to secure their WhatsApp account.

“If you receive a WhatsApp message noting you have been sent a 6 digit code by mistake, DO NOT REPLY. If the message came from a known contact, ensure to inform that their account may be compromised.Enable 2 factor authentication to secure WhatsApp account,” TRCSL said today.

Earlier this month TRCSL also urged the public to refrain from downloading, clicking or sharing any link referring to “Whatsapp Pink” which is a trojan / malware which would allow auto reply access on the phone across even other platforms and is shared as a Whatsapp theme. (Colombo Gazette)