US helps AG’s Department to strengthen access to justice

With support from the United States, the Attorney General’s (AG) Department today inaugurated a state-of-the-art training center and launched an electronic system to track cases and legal files.

These tools will strengthen the ability of justice sector professionals to uphold the rule of law in Sri Lanka.

“Around the world, US. assistance has helped strengthen access to justice and promote good governance, which spurs economic growth and protects human dignity,” said US

Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Martin Kelly. “The tools inaugurated today will help make administration of justice more efficient.”

The event today was attended in person by Attorney General Dappula De Livera P.C., Supreme Court Judge Justice Yasantha Kodagoda P.C., Acting Solicitor General Sanjay Rajaratnam P.C., the Secretary of the Ministry of Justice M.M.P.K. Mayadunne, and virtually by DCM Kelly and USAID Mission Director Reed Aeschliman. It featured the launch of the U.S.-supported training facility, electronic diary and file management system, and the Attorney General’s Department website.

“This is another first in the 136-year history of the Attorney General’s Department. The opening of the training center is a notable, salutary achievement that meets a long-felt need for continuous learning and professional development,” Attorney General Dappula De Livera said. He further stated that these new tools will “drive the institution from strength to strength.”

The dedicated training facility includes a board room, auditorium, computer laboratory, and other facilities and will support research. The electronic diary and file management system features a schedule of hearings, case assignments, and file tracking and storage to strengthen the security of the data and reduce delays caused by the current manual tracking system.

Assistance to the Government of Sri Lanka to strengthen the justice sector is one component of the longstanding partnership between the American and Sri Lankan people to support self-reliance and strengthen rule of law.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) program in Sri Lanka, totaling more than 350 billion LKR ($2 billion) since 1961, promotes a healthy, educated, and employed population. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How can the “Rule of Law” be implemented in Sri Lanka when any politician can subvert it with ease ?

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