Shops in Sabaragamuwa Province ordered to close after 7PM

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

All shops, except pharmacies, in the Sabaragamuwa Province have been instructed to be closed after 7 pm.

The directive was issued by the Governor of the Sabaragamuwa Province Tikiri Banda Kobbekaduwa today.

Governor Kobbekaduwa told Colombo Gazette that relevant authorities, such as the local government bodies, have been instructed to enforce the closure as directed.

He said as per the instructions only essential goods outlets will remain open on Friday (14) and during the weekend (15 and 16).

Governor Kobbekaduwa said the measures have been taken in a bid to curtail the spread of the coronavirus within the Sabaragamuwa Province.  

Nearly 2000 Covid infections have been reported from the Sabaragamuwa Province during the third wave of the coronavirus, he said.

The Governor of the Sabaragamuwa Province further said 70 deaths have been reported from the province, since the first wave of the virus in March 2020.

He added that due to the rapid spread of the virus, it is not advisable for the public to be outdoors in crowded areas.

Governor Kobbekaduwa said therefore, it was decided to close all shops, except pharmacies after 7 pm in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

All local government bodies have been instructed to inform all trade associations of the decision. (Colombo Gazette)