People from same family not required to wear mask in vehicle

People from the same family are not required to wear a face mask in a private vehicle, the Health Promotion Bureau said today.

The bureau said that only people from different families need to wear the mask when travelling together in a private vehicle.

The clarification was issued after a newspaper had reported that members from the same family are required to wear face masks when travelling in their own vehicle as per the newly issued health guidelines on COVID-19.

The Health promotion Bureau said that the statement made by its Director had been misunderstood and that steps will be taken to correct the article published by the media institute.

The Bureau further said face masks are required to be worn only if two people from separate families are travelling in the vehicle and this does not apply to those living in the same house.

However, it is mandatory for the driver and passengers travelling in public transportations, including taxi services, to wear face masks during the trip.

Police Spokesman, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ajith Rohana said buses operating as public transportation must carry passengers as per the seating capacity permitted under the health guidelines.

He said three-wheelers and cars operating as taxi services have been permitted to carry only two passengers, excluding the driver, while all in the vehicle must wear face masks during the trip.

DIG Ajith Rohana further said the health guidelines will be in effect from today till 30th May 2021. (Colombo Gazette)