Travel restrictions between provinces from midnight tonight

The travel restrictions between provinces will be enforced from midnight tonight (Tuesday) till 30th May, Army Commander, General Shavendra Silva said today.

As a result, all public transport operating between the provinces will be suspended from tonight.

General Shavendra Silva that the restrictions will, however, not affect the operations of essential services.

Kingsly Rathnayaka, spokesman for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, had said yesterday that following discussions the President held with all stakeholders to put an end to the Covid-19 epidemic, the President has instructed the relevant authorities to, until May 30), impose travel restrictions between all provinces, cancel all gatherings and functions, limit the number of people who can enter and stay in commercial establishments, and isolate the areas where infected people are found in higher numbers.

However, the President emphasised that proper procedures should be followed to ensure that the lives of the people are not disrupted and that the essential services of the country are maintained when imposing these restrictions.

“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is confident that the people of our country will act responsibly in line with the Government’s programme,” Kingsly Rathnayaka said.

The President is of the view that citizens focusing on social responsibilities and adhering to all safety measures and the advice given by the health sector to maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary gatherings will lead to a healthier nation.

President Rajapaksa points out that the commitment of the people to control the Covid-19 epidemic is vital.

The President is confident that Sri Lanka will be able to successfully manage the current situation through vaccination, similar to the successful results achieved in the United States, the United Kingdom and a number of European countries through vaccination.

The President is also fully confident in Sri Lanka’s robust healthcare system and the entire staff members of the healthcare sector. (Colombo Gazette)