More areas in Wattala isolated from today

More areas in Wattala will be isolated from today, Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said today.

Accordingly, the Maha Pamunugama area in the Sedawaththa Grama Nilaghari (GN) Division, 44th Lane in the Kunjagahawatta GN Division and 3rd and 7th Lane in the Nilsiri Gama GN Division in the Gampaha District will be isolated from today.

Other areas to be isolated in the Gampaha District from today are Etikehelgalla West in the Mahara Police Area and KC Silva GN Division, the Atabagahawatta Village in Kadirana North and the Peshakarma Village in Kadirana South in the Katana Police area.

Meanwhile, the Nawamadagama area in the Nawamadagama GN Division, Ranhelagama in the Bakmeedeniya GN Division and the Serupitiya sub area in the Serupitiya GN Division in the Ampara District will also be isolated from today.

In the Ratnapura District, Angammana in the Ratnapura Police area will also be isolated while in the Kalutara District Palannoruwa, Koralaima and Kumbuka West in the Moragahahena Police area will be isolated.

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said that Narthanagala in the Horana Police area and the Bohitiya GN Division in the Moneragala Police area will also be isolated from today. 

Several areas in Sri Lanka have been isolated following the Sinhala and Tamil New Year as a result of the third wave of the coronavirus. (Colombo Gazette)


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