Covid claims the lives of another 14 people in Sri Lanka

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of another 14 people in Sri Lanka, the Government Information Department said.

The death toll from the coronavirus in Sri Lanka has now risen to 734.

The latest victims are residents of Hingurakgoda, Pollonaruwa, Gonapola, Bulathkohupitiya, Devanagala, Gallalla, Thirappane, Wattala, Kalutara, Payagala, Peradeniya, Kurana, Dummalasuriya and Kiribathkumbura.

The death rate due to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka is on the rise as a result of the new UK variant that has been detected in the country.

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva had told Colombo Gazette recently that unlike earlier, the public were showing severe complications by the 10-14th day of being infected.

He said as the behavior of the variant is different to earlier strains, more people are being infected and it was also resulting in an increase in the death toll.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also urged Sri Lankans to take the latest coronavirus surge seriously as daily infections continue to rise rapidly.

Dr. Olivia Nieveras, the Officer-In-Charge of the WHO in Sri Lanka said the most challenging chapter maybe at hand.

In a video issued by the WHO in Sri Lanka yesterday (Tuesday), Nieveras said that the Government including the Ministry of Health and frontline workers are working tirelessly to control the pandemic.

She said that the WHO and the UN are ready to support Sri Lanka in any way possible to save lives and control the spread of the virus.

“But the health workers, security forces and other local authorities cannot do this alone,” she said.

Nieveras said that vaccines are a powerful tool that are key to control the coronavirus pandemic. (Colombo Gazette)