PoPo’s Bakes: A childhood dream making its way!

Made up cooking shows, to amateur tried and tested cooking, to a growing business! The founder and face behind PoPo’s Bakes – Pawani Neligama is a natural in the kitchen. Bright and eager as a child – Pawani always found herself rummaging through cookbooks if not whipping up a string of goodies for her friends and family.

She started young by merely idolising her mother in the kitchen to other culinary prodigies such as Nigella Lawson, Matt Preston along with many others and soon commenced experimenting on her own. Having shown a natural knack in cooking and plating, in the years to follow with her continuous drive, talent and passion she went on to study Food Technology.

Although having pursued a different career path, Pawani would always be found in an apron, cooking in her free time. Cooking was and still is, what helps get her through a tense day! What started off as a simple juice for her colleagues, soon became a hit and ‘must have’ in her workplace. With a little push and support from her nearest and dearest, Pawani launched her business – PoPo’s Bakes in 2019 with a bake sale. A sold-out counter, positive response and commendation, led her to take PoPo’s Bakes on to the digital platform.

Ranging from her classic Chocolate cake to Vanilla, Coffee, Red Velvet and Passionfruit cake, the goodies expanded to Christmas/Wedding cake, Love and Date cake to numerous savoury items, traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeats (Kokis, Kavum etc.) and many more. She even has seasonal promotions, and goodies for special occasions – be it Christmas, Ramadan or even Valentine’s Day.

Now, nearly two years later Pawani has a growing business online, with over 1,600 followers on Instagram and on over 1,000 followers on Facebook. With inquiries flooding on the daily, Pawani is ready to take PoPo’s Bakes to the next step. Presently, her rule of thumb is to continue perfecting her goodies, all while expanding her product range to stay relevant by keeping up with all food trends, and by experimenting and introducing new items to her menu.

Her newest promotion is a range of delectable goodies for International Mother’s Day (9th May). She will also be collaborating with a few other local business owners for a series of gift boxes for the occasion.

Should you have any cravings for sweets or savouries – PoPo’s Bakes is your haven! Her extensive and mouth-watering menu is available on Instagram and Facebook (links below) or you can reach her on 0 77 324 7123.

Instagram – PoPos_Bakes – https://www.instagram.com/popos_bakes/

Facebook – PoPo’s Bakes and Juices  https://www.facebook.com/Poposbakesandjuices