Army denies allegations on Shavendra attending wedding

The Army has denied allegations that Army Commander, General Shavendra Silva had attended a wedding of a relative, just before a ban on weddings was enforced.

According to the Army media unit, doctored photographs with false and fabricated information had gone viral on social media.

The doctored photographs alleged that the Commander of the Army had attended the wedding of his sister’s daughter at a Colombo Hotel just before the ban on weddings comes into effect on Tuesday (4).

“The Army flatly denies those social media reports, published with doctored photos, attributed to the Commander’s sister’s daughters who are still schooling. However, a person, believed to have placed this false social media blog was found later on correcting his wrong report,” a brief statement by the Army said.

The Army appealed to all segments of society to act with responsibility at this decisive moment and avoid spreading false information. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Please….guys, let’s not indulge in apportioning blame when the general public is also largely to blame, what could be done is for the good general to now (like the way they got Sputnik registered) to co-opt Dr. Jasinghe, Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara, and Dr. Mrs: Paba Palihawadana into the fold and let them be a special advisory panel(a think tank) to the good general on such important matters. and let the king handle the press.

  2. Shavendra Silva is clearly out of his depth handling the pandemic. This comment is not intended to denigrate the man. This ( pandemic) is not within his field of expertise and he should not have been given responsibility ( other than logistical support) for handling any aspect of it.

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