Six more coronavirus related deaths reported in Sri Lanka

Six more coronavirus related deaths were reported in Sri Lanka today (Saturday).

The death toll in Sri Lanka from the pandemic has now risen to 687.

The death rate due to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka is on the rise as a result of the new UK variant that has been detected in the country.

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva had told Colombo Gazette earlier that the public were showing severe complications by the 10-14th day of being infected.

He said as the behavior of the variant is different to earlier strains, more people are being infected and it was also resulting in an increase in the death toll.

Earlier, the public were moving around without restrictions as they were recovering by the 10-14th day.

“However, due to the different behavior of the new variant, nearly 1000 cases are being reported per day and a parallel increase has also been observed in the death rate,” General Silva explained.

The Head of the National COVID Task Force said the public are yet to realise the severity of the current situation, and are still under the belief that it was similar to the earlier strain.

“Since it is almost one week since the latest outbreak of the virus emerged in the country, the public need to now understand the reality of the situation, and take necessary precautions,” he warned.

The Army Commander pointed out that the only way to curtail the spread of the new more transmissible variant was to ensure self-discipline by following the health guidelines issued on COVID-19.

He said that self-discipline should be practised within the family, by educating and introducing the best health practices to family members.

Thereafter it should be extended to their relevant work places, where all employees should strictly adhere to the health guidelines.

General Silva pointed out that the strict implementation of the health guidelines will help defeat the spread of the virus. (Colombo Gazette)


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