Ascentic opens office at Gothenburg to connect Sri Lanka’s IT expertise with the region

Ascentic, a fast-growing software development company in Sri Lanka recently opened an office in Gothenburg, Sweden with the view of connecting the country’s immense pool of talent and resources in the ICT and technology spheres with the Nordics and the Gothenburg region.

This comes as a result of many years of tireless collaboration together with Business Region Göteborg, a regional economic agency dedicated to develop trade and industry in the City of Gothenburg and Sweden-Sri Lanka Business Council (SSLBC) which actively promotes building trade links between the two countries.

‘‘It is gratifying that expertise from Sri Lanka will be able to contribute to the continued success of west Swedish companies’’, said Leif I Ohlson, Secretary-General of SSLBC. ‘‘Sri Lanka has a growing ecosystem for ICT and tech. The fact that Ascentic is establishing itself in Gothenburg will be an important step for closer cooperation and means that western Swedish companies operating in the global market can gain access to important IT expertise, says Erik Behm, Area and Investment Manager- ICT at Business Region Göteborg.

Founded by Anna Kalm and Patrik Alm, Ascentic was established in Sri Lanka four years ago to support the exponential technological growth in Sweden by delivering world-class software solutions that meet their needs. Today, the company has over 80 employees with plans underway to further expand its team of talented engineers this year to cater to its ambitious growth and expansion.

Anna Kalm, Founder/CEO of Ascentic said ‘‘We see the establishment in Gothenburg as a natural next step in our company’s journey. Currently there aren’t enough developers in the Swedish market to complement the region’s growing demands especially among small and medium-sized companies. With our presence in west Sweden it enables us to work even closer to our customers by combining our highly competent development teams with senior Swedish project managers.

Ascentic takes great pride in its distinctive workplace culture which is based on originality, empowerment, and personal growth. It places great emphasis on its employees’ wellbeing and boasts of having some of the best work-life balance policies in the country. Ascentic also takes on great initiatives to encourage women empowerment not just within its company where women make up half of the management and 31pct of the crew but also in the ICT and technology sector as a whole.

The company believes in embracing openness and inclusion and it does this by promoting knowledge and ideas sharing among members whilst ensuring every one of them is encouraged to be their unique self. The company is also certified by Great Place to Work Sri Lanka.


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