Sri Lanka Veterinary Association celebrates World Veterinary Day

Established in 2001 by the World Veterinary Association, World Veterinary Day has been instrumental in promoting the veterinary profession and the development of more sustainable animal husbandry practices, improving not only the health of animals but also the health and wellbeing of people and the environment. Over the years, the themes have focused on pivotal issues, spearheading programmes on Rabies prevention and eradication,

In keeping with this year’s theme – “Veterinarians Response to the COVID-19 the Sri Lanka Veterinary Association recognized the services rendered by the Veterinarian Scientists in conducting research and their creative innovations, in addition to their engagement in the One Health collaborative approaches. The One Health concept was successfully utilized for the conceptualization of public awareness campaigns and management of PCR testing laboratories in different districts with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. The  SLVA   also  devoted  attention  to  launching  a  variety of programmes that will connect the veterinary community with the farming community and the general public.

Developed in collaboration with Dialog – Digital Health, the “Vet Mobile App” will circumvent barriers that limit access to veterinary services owing to the social distance protocols currently in place, and will allow the general public to enjoy convenient access to veterinarians and their services.

A signature project of the SLVA, the “Your Veterinarian” Magazine, will serve as a stepping stone to promoting public awareness with insight into the diversity of the veterinary profession. Having identified a need for a salient voice on animal welfare and health, responsible animal ownership, the wellbeing of farmers engaged in animal husbandry and development of livelihood on animal human companionship in the society, the SLVA will capitalize on the Magazine to disseminate knowledge and information to the public. This initiative also will help to enhance public engagement with veterinarians through interactive activities such as photography and drawing competitions, in addition to question and answer sessions for resolving common health-related problems in animals. The Magazine will feature a miscellany of topics including the history of the veterinary profession, companion and farm animal sectors, veterinary pharmaceuticals and more.

The establishment of the Sri Lanka Veterinary Association’s platform on Public Communication was another milestone project created to amplify the Voice of Veterinarians in Sri Lanka. Provision of evidence-based reliable information in an easy to comprehend but, scientific way to the general public and dissemination of knowledge on veterinary-related matters of public health importance and information on scientific research findings were the core aims of establishing the SLVA platform on Public Communication.

The “Voice of Veterinarian” Video Series developed by the SLVA is another exciting project designed to complement the launch of the App, Magazine and SLVA platform on Public Communication elaborating the diversified roles played by veterinarians in the country and was also released on this special occasion.

Inaugurated by the SLVA in 2019, VET-EXPO serves as a platform for celebrating animals and recognising the contributions of veterinarians to society. Animal lovers will have the unique opportunity to explore the numerous services and solutions made available to them by the veterinary profession in the spheres of animal healthcare, welfare and management. This year’s VET-EXPO 2021 will be held over 3 days from December 17-19, 2021.

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