Sajith briefs diplomats on human rights and other issues

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa held talks with a number of diplomats based in Colombo today and discussed several key issues.

Premadasa said that he discussed issued related to human rights, civil and political rights and development assistance to the country.

He insisted that the discussions were not part of any attempt to discredit or bring harm the country.

“These talks were not with the intention of harming the country. We have a responsibility to protect the rights of all Sri Lankans,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said that Sri Lanka is not a one party country but a democratic country where the rights of all people must be protected.

Premadasa said that with the coronavirus situation there is a shortage of ICU beds and oxygen in Sri Lanka.

He said that these issues were also discussed with the diplomats.

Premadasa also said that Sri Lanka must work with the international community to address key issues in the country.

He said the Government must look to have a foreign policy where it maintains friendly relations with all countries. (Colombo Gazette)


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