Vision Care focuses on the importance of eye health on World Health Day

Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s pioneering eye care service provider, marked World Health Day under the global theme “Building a fairer, healthier world” by bringing attention to the importance of regular eye testing irrespective of a person’s age, gender or employment to avoid various eye complications caused by health and medical conditions.

 Globally, as many as 1 billion people live with a preventable visual impairment or one that has yet to be identified or addressed. Reduced or absent eyesight can have significant and long-lasting negative impact on all aspects of an individual’s life. Day-to-day events such as activities around the house, interacting with the community, attending school, finding employment opportunities and accessing public services are all greatly hindered by such eyesight problems. Such vision impairment is a critical barrier for millions around the world from growing and achieving their true potential in life.

According to research, several non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, asthma and arthritis can be a threat to eye health. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may also lead to problems with vision as well as overall health. While not all eye diseases can be prevented, there are simple steps that can be taken to help eyes remain healthy now and reduce chances of vision loss in the future.

Proper nutrition is an important factor that can affect the health of your eyes. Adding dark green vegetables and protein to your meals have shown to potentially reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Exercising on a daily basis improves circulation in the body, thus helps to increase the oxygen level in the body and also helps to expel out hypoxic changes from eyes. Getting sufficient sleep of six to eight hours and reducing digital screen time supports the health of eyes in the long run. While following simple eye care steps daily, it is also important to get your eyes checked regularly by a professional who uses the latest technology, to make sure you’re keeping them as healthy as possible.

With professionally qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians, Vision Care is ready to server you to protect your present vision. Vision Care offers high quality eye testing, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses as well as hearing aids and hearing testing. It has also pioneered the introduction of the best range of eyewear brands recognised globally to the local market. High quality, high precision contact lenses, optical and ophthalmic products are available at all outlets. Vision Care customers are able to choose from a wide array of top global brands for frames and sunglasses.


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