Moves to regulate Sri Lanka beauty pageants

By Easwaran Rutnam

The Government is considering regulating Sri Lanka beauty pageants following the recent incident at the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World finals held in Colombo.

State Minister of Women and Child Development Piyal Nishantha told Daily Mirror that any event using the Sri Lanka name must be monitored in future.

He said that discussions have already commenced to formulate guidelines in order to regulate private events related to women and children.

The State Minister said that even beauty pageants like the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World should be regulated to ensure it meets international standards.

He said that his Ministry will have talks with private organizations to reach a consensus on the matter.

During the finals of the pageant Mrs. World 2020 Caroline Jurie had uncrowned the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka contest, Pushpika De Silva, over claims that she was divorced. She had thereafter crowned the first runner-up as the winner.

However, Pushpika issued a statement saying she was not a divorcee and filed legal action against Caroline Jurie alleging she suffered injuries in the incident.

The organisers of the event later re-crowned Pushika. Jurie was arrested over the incident and released on bail.

The whole incident drew international media attention damaging Sri Lanka’s reputation overseas.


  1. These types of
    Anti Cultural”, “Anti Traditional”, “Anti Decency”, “Anti Social” pageantries which are a public entertainment consisting of Sri Lankan women, mothers and teenages striping nearly half of their dresses for the viewing of the elite and rich frustrated so-called “high society” in Sri Lanka has to be “banned’ in our “Maathruboomiya”. A way of life left behind by the colonial oppressors in the past, still practiced for the pleasure of the corrupt and unethical citizens of Sri Lanka has to be opposed by the Buddha Sasanaya and the Buddhist Maha Sangha and the “humble” Buddhist people of our “Maatruboomiya” immediately. The Government’s moves to considering regulating Sri Lanka beauty pageants following the recent incident at the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World finals held in Colombo should be welcomed by “DECENT” citizens of our “Maathruboomiya” and the “MAHA SANGHA”. What the government is trying to do is to create the “mind set” for our up and coming children and our next generation to become a “Decent Sinhala Buddhist Nation with consideration to Heritage, Culture, Traditions and Respect to Religion of all communities that will help create peace and harmony of our Nation in the future. People of all communities should support these changes vehemently. Unscrupulous person, politicians, government officials and religious leaders (not all in these categories, because you get some very good people too) who seek out pleasure and entertainment forbidden by law, rules, or custom will “OPPOSE” this move of the government, in all possible ways they can, even taking it up in parliament.
    Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart.


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