Japan suspects Chinese military behind cyber-attacks on JAXA, research agencies: Reports

Japan’s police suspect the Chinese armed forces of commissioning large-scale cyber-attacks against 200 defense-related companies and research institutions, including Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), in 2016, the NHK broadcaster reporter on Tuesday, citing investigative sources.

According to the broadcaster, the police suspect a Chinese man — a computer engineer in his 30s and a member of the Chinese Communist Party — of leasing several servers in Japan allegedly used in the 2016 attack.

The man is believed to have rented the servers five times under false names and then passed on their ID and other credentials to a Chinese hacker group, known as Tick.

Another Chinese citizen is also suspected of leasing Japanese servers under fake names allegedly at the direction of a member of the Chinese army’s bureau in charge of cyberattacks, the broadcaster added.

A JAXA spokesperson confirmed to NHK that the space agency was attacked, but noted that suffered no data leaks. (Just Earth News)


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