India insists Moragoda’s nomination stands 

By Easwaran Rutnam 

India has insisted it has not reversed a decision to approve the nomination of Milinda Moragoda as Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to India.

Sources at the Indian External Affairs Ministry insisted that the nomination which was approved late last year has not been reversed.

There was strong speculation that the approval given to Sri Lanka’s nomination of Moragoda as a cabinet ranked High Commissioner had been reversed.

However, Indian External Affairs Ministry sources told Daily Mirror that the nomination which was approved in November has not been reversed.

Sources also said that Moragoda is expected to assume duties soon and the delay was on Sri Lanka’s side.

Milinda Moragoda was the founder of the Pathfinder Foundation, which had close links with China.

Moragoda first entered Parliament as a National List Member of Parliament in 2000. In the General Election of December 2001, he contested from the Colombo District as the Organizer for Colombo East and was elected to Parliament.

His campaign platform called for the building of trust in the political system and political leaders, changing the political culture and the restoration of ethics and values in politics and society.